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On the face of it, it might seem to you that a Public Liability Insurance policy is not needed because your business has a very low chance of getting a liability claim in the UK. After all, if you are a locksmith your business seems to be a lower risk than a roofer, for instance, or a builder.

However, you still need to have the protection of a Public Liability Insurance policy because you are still exposed to the risk of damaging your client’s property. You are also at risk of getting your equipment and tools stolen. In addition to this there is the risk that an employee gets injured whilst working for you. Therefore, to protect yourself  you can extend your liability policy to include Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Furthermore, your equipment could cause someone an injury by being an obstacle on the ground. A member of the public that trips and falls over this obstacle will certainly suffer an injury and more than likely will initiate a compensation claim against you.

These are just some of the factors that need to be considered when it comes to buying a public liability insurance policy. It is  important to realise that a liability insurance policy will also cover you against legal expenses that are incurred when someone sues you or your company for injury claims.

It might seem unlikely that a member of the public, or someone you are working alongside, might be injured by an unforeseen accident. However, in certain situations, you could face legal fees of up to several hundred or even tens of thousands of pounds just in defending an allegation made against you. There are a lot of businesses that have had to cease trading because they failed to obtain adequate public liability insurance and subsequently failed to meet the costs of a claim brought against them.

public liability insurance and professional liability insurance
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Public Liability Insurance Cover

Everyone knows that in this litigious society any tradesman is at a heightened risk of having to deal with a personal injury claim being brought against them. Therefore, it is good to have the peace of mind knowing that any such event will be covered by your insurance provider for a comparatively nominal monthly or annual premium.

There are also other factors to consider. For example, being put in the situation  whereby your tools have been stolen. Replacing tools and equipment is not cheap these days and for this reason you can extend your insurance policy to cover them against theft as well as accidental damage. This additional peace of mind means that should you lose your tools, your  liability insurance policy provider will provide replacements.

Being notified of an injury claim is known to cause the receiving party immense financial and emotional stress. This can be alleviated by getting an insurance policy.  It is essential for you to be able to function as a business without having to worry about dealing with the claim on your own. Most importantly, the policy will offer you peace of mind that you are covered should a claim occur.

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public liability insurance and professional liability insurance
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