Tradesman with No Employees

Tradesman with No Employees

I am a Tradesman – Commercial / Residential work – with no Employees

  • A Roofer
  • A Builder
  • A Plumber
  • A Plasterer
  • An Electrician

Public liability insurance

There is no legal requirement for you to have this insurance cover however your client may want you to have Public Liability Insurance  before awarding you a contract or even allowing you access to the site.

Best practice

Whether you are a commercial or residential tradesman due to

  • working at heights
  • working below ground level
  • the physical demands of the work involved
  • the extensive use of power assisted equipment and machinery
  • digging trenches with the potential hazard of not knowing the whereabouts of power cables, drains etc.

Public Liability Insurance protects you against compensation demands, when you are working at your customers’ premises should you cause damage to their own property or injure their personnel or customers. Accidents and mishaps do occur in your field of work and as such the industry generally recommends that you buy, for your peace of mind, Public Liability Insurance Cover.

This policy will cover you against unforeseen circumstances that could put your business and personal wealth at risk should a claim for compensation be made against you.  If successful the compensation award could be substantial and more than likely will put a strain on your finances, threatening your livelihood and your personal assets. Personal assets include your own home.

However, should you in  employ someone to work for you, part time or full time,  then you need Employers Liability Insurance cover which by law you are required to have.

Employers Liability Insurance

covers you should any member of your staff suffer an injury at your workplace or while working away at your customer’s premises as a result of their work or duties. This cover does not replace Public liability Insurance and it does not cover the public.

Tradesman insurance policy

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