We are a limited company

We are a limited company

As a limited company do i need public liability insurance

  • The public may visit your premises
  • You have several employees
  • Or just one employee, the director only, or
  • You offer products and or services to other businesses or to the public

There is no legal requirement for you to have this insurance cover.

Best practice

Employee Fell and Hurt but inhuries covered by the extended cover with Public Liability Insurance policy his emloyer took outBuy Liability insurance Cover

The industry generally recommends that you take out cover against unforeseen circumstances which could put your business at risk should a claim for compensation be made against the company or any of its employees. If successful the compensation award could be substantial and more than likely put a strain on your company’s finances threatening your company’s existence and the future prospects of its employees.

What about employer’s liability insurance

On the other hand employer’s liability insurance  is required by law and you must buy it. Our Public liability Insurance policies allow you to add this cover to your policy,  also to add portable tools cover and to cover your goods in transit. Employers’ liability covers your company should any member of your staff suffer an injury at your workplace or while working away at your customer’s premises as a result of their work or duties. This cover does not replace Public liability Insurance and it does not cover the public.

Tradesman insurance policy

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