What is Public Liability

What is Public Liability

What is public liability insurance

Public Liability is a business insurance policy that provides cover from injury or property damage claims.

This extends to claims against any UK-based Company, Firm, Partnership, SME or Sole Trader.

Claims can arise if your customer or any member of the public comes to your business premises or to your home, if you trade from home, to do business with you and they suffer personal injuries or damages to their property whilst at your premises.

In view of the fact that due to the regular nationwide advertising about no win no fee claims management services you will most probably find that you will be facing a claim for compensation made either against you personally or against your firm.

Furthermore, Public Liability Insurance protects you against compensation demands, when you are working at your customers’ premises should you or any of your employees cause damage to their own property or injure their personnel or customers.

Is Liability Insurance expensive?

The cost of this cover depends on several parameters, such as:

  • The type of business or services you provide
  • Your claims experience
  • Limit of  Indemnity you need

However, you will be surprised to learn that the cost of this cover is quite competitive and reasonable so do not be put off and try our free no obligation quote on line and see how reasonable the premium is.

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